Wafjes-fit Donut

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The doughnut is a perfect device to do balance exercises. Its flat side makes it easier to hold stable than other appliances (with the help of a holder or by the attendant). The subtle movements when the dog stands on it, make him learn to keep balance. As a result, he trains and strengthens his muscles.
Small dogs can stand completely on the surface. Large dogs can work with the front legs on the device or 2 doughnuts can be used.

Renewed model! The Donut is closed at the top, making it even safer. All in combination with a chassis.

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Wafjes-fit Donut. Inflated, the doughnut is about 65 cm in diameter and 32 cm high.
Color: Orange
Note the chassis must be ordered separately. If you just start balance training, you’d better order a chassis.

Wafjes-fit Mount

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